Is Rummy or Teen Patti Legal in India?

The Legality of Rummy or Teen Patti in India

Teen Patti or Rummy came in as the most popular type of card game in India. Rummy or Teen Patti includes different gaming platforms.

Now, these kinds of games are shifting online to offline, and people start liking them more. Rummy and Teen Patti both are different platforms, and the rules and legality of both are also different.

Every player wants to win money and wants to play legal games. Teen Patti or Rummy is a very controversial and confusing topic when it comes to its legality in India.

In this context, we are going to discuss some basic things you should know about the legality of Rummy or Teen Patti in India.

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Why choosing a legal gaming platform is important?

In India, the rules for gaming platforms like rummy or Teen Patti are mostly unclear, and that is where many players get confused.

Choosing an illegal platform is a risky thing, and many players do not want to take any risks because it can even send them to jail.

People can also be scammed by some Rummy or Teen Patti platforms if the legality of gaming platforms is not present.

The Legality of Teen Patti in India

Teen Patti is illegal in India. According to the Gambling Act of 1867, games that are not skill-based are illegal. Teen Patti required some amount of skill, but it is considered a luck-based game, which is an illegal thing according to the rules.

People who get caught playing Teen Patti or trying to visit a Teen Patti website so they have to pay a 200 rupee penalty or they can also be sent to prison for three months.

These are some states that allow Teen Patti:

  • Goa: The Daman and Diu Public Act of Gambling of 1976 allows people to play Teen Patti or other types of casino games in Goa.
  • Sikkim: Games like Teen Patti are allowed only on some particular boundaries of Sikkim in physical form. People cannot play it online.
  • Nagaland: After the supervision of online games, the Act of Nagaland provides a license with no argument or doubt to some online Teen Patti or other casino games.

The Legality of Rummy in India

As we discussed in the previous paragraphs, the Indian government only allows casino games that are skill based not luck-based.

Rummy games like online pool rummy are more focused on skills, and that is why Rummy is a legal platform in India. In 1968, Rummy has declared a skill-based game in an Indian court.

Rummy is legal in most states, but some places like Telangana, Odisha, Assam, Sikkim, or Nagaland still have some strict rules for this.

Final Thought:

The player can choose any Rummy platform they want that is legal, and not from a place, that has strict rummy rules. Teen Patti is played by many people in India; some play it illegally, and some choose foreign platforms to play with without any risks. The government did not make any serious changes in gambling, but there is a chance of Teen Patti’s legality in the future.