How to Play Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is a popular variety when it comes to choosing an online rummy game. 13 cards are necessary to play the game.

Many people love playing this game but cannot play it daily because of the difficult setup process at home. The solution to this problem was also already found, and now online pool rummy is available.

Now we know that we can play pool rummy at home, but how does it get players online?

In this article, we are going to solve all your doubts related to playing pool rummy just like we did in Indian Rummy, so you can win prizes by just sitting in your home.

Ways of playing pool rummy

  • Pool rummy gets played with a minimum of two and a maximum of six players. Each participant in the game gets 13 cards.
  • A wild card person played the role of a joker in the game. If a joker-printed card gets used as a joker in a game, instead of that card, people can use an Ace card to use as a joker. You can make a joker card by using any other extra card.
  • If you are having a particular order with seven and nine cards, you can use the card of a joker instead of using eight cards for creating the impure sequence.
  • A person can choose a card from the open deck and closed deck card options. Your discards are easily visible on a different tab, so you can see other players’ choices too online.
  • Every player picks a card by creating a specific set of cards in their mind so they can play the game according to their sequence strategy.
  • Sequence strategy includes adding a number like 2, 3, and 4, which come in sequence, and setting cards like diamonds nine, spades, hearts, or any other.
  • Try to make your set or sequence as soon as possible with the fewest points.

Basic rules of playing 213, 61, and 101 pool rummy

101 Rummy

You have to use all types of cards, like aces through kings or the other four suits from the deck. The player can only use the printed card of the joker in this rummy. Players have to make sure that their opponents score more than 101 so they can get eliminated.

201 Rummy

Players have to use the same card as they used in 101 rummy. The different thing is that they have to make sure that the opponent scores 201 or more than this. If your points are less than 201, so your chance of winning increases more than other players.

61 Rummy

This pool rummy is faster than any other. The player who reaches 61 gets eliminated. Players need to make a more accurate strategy so they are not eliminated by just picking some wrong numbers from the set.

YouTube Video

YouTube video

Final thought:

Pool rummy is an interesting game to choose if you know the strategies and right skills for it. The player can even rejoin the game by paying a gain-for fee.

You are allowed to join if no player has scored more than 79 in 101, 17 in 201, and 44 in 61. It is a legal application with some easy-to-understand rules.