How Apkrummy Makes Money?

Our business is based on a simple idea: When you follow our links to visit a Merchant, that Merchant pays us a commission on whatever you deposit during your visit. Some merchants also Compensate us for Visit, Free Signup or Intended action on Merchants Website.

In Simple words, retailers pay to partner with us because we send players/shoppers. They may also pay us to help grow their brand & Presence. That means we might feature them on our website, in emails, Social Media etc. This Partnership helps us to Keep this platform free for our users.

Calculation of Discount

Price of Products and Discount is Rounded off to Nearest Rupees and Percentage.

Pricing & Availability

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.

Content & Information Provided

Information,Photos, Text and Other Material Displayed on the Product page may contain information obtained from Store Listing Page, Official Brand websites, Product Brochure, Social Media Announcement by competent Authority/Person and other Medium. Sometimes Such information Displayed As it is Basis without any Modification. We take utmost care while obtaining information but does not claim that information Provided on website is 100% Accurate & Error Free.

Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

In 2015, The Federal Trade Commission Released Their New Rules For Disclosure Compliance.

These Rules Are Set In Place To Ensure That Readers Or Viewers Of Web Media Are Aware If The Blogger Or Publisher Is Sponsored, Endorsed, Or Partnered With A Different Company. The Readers Need To Know If The Content Publisher Is Making Money By Sharing A Link Or Product.

In Compliance With The Ftc Guidelines, Please Assume The Following About Links And Posts On This Site:

Any/All Of The Links On earticleblog.com Are Affiliate Links For Which I Receive A Small Compensation From Sales Of Certain Items.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Purchases Are Made On External Affiliate Company Websites: When A Reader Clicks On An Affiliate Link Located On earticleblog.com To Purchase An Item, The Reader Buys The Item From The Seller Directly (Not From Earticleblog.com).

Amazon And/Or Other Companies Pay Earticleblog.com A Small Commission Or Other Compensation For Helping To Bring Customers To Their Website.

Prices Are Exactly The Same For Readers Whether They Purchase Is Through An Affiliate Link Or A Non-affiliate Link. Clicking An Affiliate Link And Clicking A Non-affiliate Link Does Not Change The Price Or Anything Else For The Visitor.

Earticleblog.com Uses Two Main Types Of Affiliate Programs:

Product Affiliate Links.

If You Click A Product Affiliate Link And Buy The Product, Then I Will Get A Percentage Of The Sale Or Some Other Type Of Compensation.

Again, Prices Are Not Different If You Use These Affiliate Links. You Will Not Pay More By Clicking Through To The Link. These Links Are Not “Pay Per Click.”

What About Sponsored Content?

We Do Not Write Sponsored Posts. I Want To Provide Authentic, Un-biased Information. However, If A Company Would Like To Publish Sponsored Content On Earticleblog.com, I Will Disclose This Clearly In The Beginning Of The Post. The Bottom Line Is That I Only Recommend Products I Use Myself Or That I Would Recommend To Family And Friends.

If you find any Incorrect information you can reach out to [email protected] or Submit Here. We will Try to Rectify as soon as Possible.

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