How to Download APK on Android Device

APK which you can also say is an Android Package Kit is a type of important file format that gets used in Android systems for applications. It helps in the installation or distribution of different applications like software, games, or other files.

Many third-party sources give Android apps in APK form to download.

Installing Apk is not a hard task, but it can be a hard thing if you do not know some basic steps of installing it as a beginner.

This content going to cover all your doubts about how you can download APKs on your Android device.

Way of downloading APK files from a website

First, the main thing is choosing the right website to download your APK file.

A non-trusted website can install a harmful source on your device, so always go for a trusted and legal one.

Follow these small steps to install it from the website:-

Step 1: Choose the best website, like APKMirror, and search for the APK file you want to download through that website.

Step 2: Click on the given download link after finding your APK.

Step 3: The device can ask for some small confirmations, and allow all of them. After some time your APK file will get installed automatically.

Step 4: Allow the website to notify you of any updates to the APK file.

How to Give Unknown App Installation Permission Settings

Android eight or above

Non-Samsung devices
  • Visit settings and go to the privacy section.
  • You will find an app installation section, click on the Unknown Sources option.
  • Now select which browser you want for downloading your APK files and enable the toggle button, which allows you to install all applications from this specific browser.
Samsung devices
  • Visit the setting of your Android
  • Open the Biometrics and Security section and click on the installation of the unknown app option.
  • Now again select which browser you prefer for downloading all Apk stuff, like Chrome or any other. Allow the source by enabling the toggle for installation.

Android eight earlier versions

  • Visit the settings of your smartphone on the security
  • Your device administration section contains an Unknown Sources option. Click on allow, and you are done.

How to Install an APK

Now you know how to make your Android device ready for installing your APK file. Now you need an APK file to run the APK. Most Android devices contain their own file manager, but if you do not have one, you can download it from Google Play.

YouTube Video

YouTube video

Follow these basic steps to install the APK on your device

Find the best website that offers APK files for Android, or tap on their given link to download the file.

Some pop-ups like this file can harm the device, or assurances of installation can appear on your device; you just have to accept everything if you are downloading from a legal or reputable website.

Now, sometimes web browsers do not give the option of opening the file after the downloading process, so you can open it through the Explorer app.

Visit a downloaded section of the Explorer app and tap on APK files.

The device will not require much permission because you already allowed the Unknown Source install option.

Now you can easily see the app on your device or in the list of installed apps.


Many websites are present, which can make your downloading process easier. Keep your APK file well updated, and for this process, you do not need to do anything special; just visit your chosen website and click on an upgrade button.

The thing you have to remember is a way of allowing unknown sources installation, which we discussed in this content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading APK from a third party is safe?

You have different options when it comes to downloading APK, but if you want to try a third party so go for trusted ones only. It is safe if you choose the right website or application for it.

Can APK harm the Android device?

No, the notification that we receive from the device is like a small warning, but in reality, APk downloaded from the right website does not harm your any information.

What is a popular website for APK download?

APK Mirror, APKMonk, APKPure