How to Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a well-known platform for people who like to play rummy games and want to earn from them. Teen Patti online is a card game with some basic rules that each player needs to understand before participating in any competition of Teen Patti.

Players who know the right strategies, skills and rules of playing Teen Patti increase their chance of winning more than players who do not know much about it.

In this content, we are going to cover about playing the method of Teen Patti by using some skills.

Top 7 Way of Playing Teen Patti

Follow these small steps to play an online Teen Patti:-

1. Select dealer

The dealer’s work is to draw the cards so the player can start dealing. The cards that get the highest draw receive the honor in the game.

2. Ante placement

Ante placement is important to create an initial pot. Each player has to give their ante. Players will fight over that initial pot.

Ante is necessary to set a line around of Teen Patti.

The round of each game in Teen Patti is capped at the equal pot, which is 1024 times the ante.

3. Receive cards

Now the dealer takes the three-facedown cards for himself and distributes the card in a clockwise manner to each player. After this step, the real game will start.

4. First player’s move

The player who is sitting on the left side of a dealer will do the action. He gets two options one is blind playing and the second is seen playing.

Blind options include folding, calling ante or raising double.

On the other side seen games include folding, double of ate or raising a quadruple.

The best player will get a stake.

5. Continue acting

After the first player, each player gets the same chance of being blind or seen playing.

The performance of the player depends on the stakes set by a previously chosen player.

If the player chooses blind, their stake can be 1X or 2X, and in seen its 2X or 4X.

6. Sideshow request

When any seen player starts acting after a previously seen player and at least three or only three players are left so the current acting player can request a sideshow to the previous one.

The previous player can accept it or can deny it. If the player accepts, both can secretly see each other’s cards.

Here are some hand rankings:

  • Best hand: Three types of same-category cards, regardless of the suits or color.
  • Two best hands: Same suit and color type three consecutive cards
  • Three best hands: Three types of consecutive cards with different suits
  • Fourth best hand: Three types of cards, which are the same in color and suit. They are not in sequence
  • Five best hands: two types of cards with the same rank regardless of suit or color.
  • Worst hand: Three cards can have the same value or suit but not be in sequence.

7. Showdown demand

When any layer chooses sideshow or folds and only two players are left, someone can choose the showdown. Players will show the card, and the player with the high rank wins the game.

Now you know basic methods of playing teen patti. You can now go ahead and buy teen patti chips and get started with online teenpatti gaming.

YouTube Video

YouTube video

Final Thought:

The Teen Patti game needs a lot of practice for a better understanding of how to play and how to use common terms of teen patti.

An alternative showdown option is also available at the end of a game.

Different Teen Patti platforms are present, but only some are safe and offer genuine games with real rules for playing.