Teen Patti Game Dictionary

Teen Patti is a game that everyone knows about, even if they do not play it. You can say it is a card game with followers not only from the South Asian side but also from the whole world.

It is something that is most popular in the online casino world after rummy.

If you are someone who has thought about joining the Teen Patti world or wants to explore some common terms about Teen Patti so you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the common terms in the Teen Patti Game.

Way of playing Teen Patti?

We have to understand how people play this game first so that we can understand its common terms clearly.

The game starts with 3 to 6 players because that is the only number of players required. After removing the joker, 52 cards get used in the game.

The game starts by placing a bet like any other rummy or card-based game using teen patti chips. The first bet always has to be some particular fixed price or amount.

Bet amounts get set according to the will of players. Each player places their fixed price as a risk. After the best collection, three cards that are face down are distributed to each participant.

The minimum amount of bet gets called a boot amount. Boot get collect and get placed on a particular table.

Meaning of Teen Patti Most Common Terms

These are some terms or words that get used in Teen Patti:-


You can say this boot too. It represents the money that players put at risk before starting an actual game.


Chaal means you can see all of your cards before the bet. Players have to bet a minimum of two times the current boot.


In this case, players do the betting without looking at their cards in this. If you do not like this, you can be a player of Chaal by following some basic rules of it.


It is a place where the bets of all players get collected.


If you think your given card-hand cannot help you win, you can fold or can pack. This whole thing means you are quitting the game.


It includes doubling the risk amount by raise. You can double the amount when you are playing blind, but in Chaal, you can make it four.


It bet which is the same as a player who played before you.


When only two players are left in the game, they show all their cards so the winner can be chosen.


Two players who are playing as Chaal can anytime compare each other’s cards.

Fixed limit

You cannot make your amount double when you are playing as a fixed-limit player.

Spread limit

You cannot make your bet larger than the amount agreed upon.


These represent the optional bets. The player can choose not to place a side bet, but then they also do not receive its benefits.


When players leave the game and join for any reason, they have to pay some penalty for their absence.


It represents three cards with the same type of value. If you get this, so your winning chances are increasing.

Pure sequence

It means you have three cards of different values.

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Final Thought:

Playing the Teen Patti game online becomes easy to understand when you know which words indicate which things, and you can apply them properly, and that is what we learned in this content.

Practice is more important than understanding all these basic terms and values in Teen Patti to become a better player.