Rummy Set & Sequence

Sets and sequences are something essential in rummy-type games. Understanding the work of these sequences and sets is important to becoming a better player than other rummy competitors.

If you are a beginner in the rummy field, there is a chance that you do not know much about set or sequence work, but these things can be game changers.

The understanding of sets and sequences helps improve the understanding of the game’s essential rules. Both things are different words but they are equally important.

In this article, we will talk about things you should know about sets and sequences.

What are rummy sets and sequences?

Rummy Sequence:

Arrangement of same-suit type 3 cards, which are arranged in descending or descending orders. A sequence forming for all thirteen cards is an essential part of actually winning the game.

The rummy sequence is not particularly pure or impure; it can be anything.

For example, a pure sequence represents cards with no joker, and an impure sequence represents cards that contain the joker. 

Rummy Set:

The rummy set represents the same ranked set of three or four groups of cards.

Set cards come in different suits. Always form a valid set with your pure and impure types of sequences.

Grouped 13 cards are important, like they are in sequence to win the whole game.

What are the pure and impure sequences?

Pure sequence:

The sequence includes a group of three or more three continuous cards that belong to the same type of suit. This sequence does not include a joker.

You can use a wild joker to make the whole sequence complete, do not use it when you do not have any other option or as an extra choice. If someone makes a declaration in online rummy games without using pure sequences, it will be considered invalid.

Impure sequence:

The sequence includes three or more three cards like pure sequence, but in this case, more than one sequential card can be replaced by joker cards.

You can use any type of wild or printed joker in your impure card sequence.

YouTube Video on Sets & Sequence

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The basic rule of the rummy sequence is:

  • The rummy sequence must add at least three cards or more than four cards to create a perfect or valid sequence in the game.
  • Different rummy platforms like Indian rummy or pool rummy have different rules for rummy sequences or sets. On most platforms, Ace can work as a low or high card. You have to choose between high and low.

The basic rule of rummy set:

  • Valid declaration of a set must include at least
  • Two sets, but more than two are invalid. People have to pay 80 penalty points for the invalid set.
  • Printed or not, both jokers are completely valid for use. More than four sets of cards are invalid; at least take three.
  • You cannot use more than four jokers in the set; the maximum number of all types of jokers is four. If you want, you can create a set because it is an optional thing.


Correct knowledge about sets and sequences can help you win without making any unnecessary errors or mistakes. It helps in strategizing the skills for the game.

Try different platforms to learn about their own rules to make yourself an expert in the rummy field.