Which Rummy App Gives Welcome Bonus

Rummy apps are not only popular for offering varieties of games online, where people can use their skills to win big cash amounts. Rummy apps become more special when they give amazing welcome bonuses to their users because those bonuses can help players to play some games without investing.

Different rummy apps are present with different numbers of welcome bonuses, and this makes choosing the best a little hard.

In this article, we will see some top rummy apps that give a good amount of welcome bonuses to their users.

Apps with a Good Welcome Bonus

All these apps are genuine and give a good amount of bonuses compared to other rummy apps:-

1. Teen Patti Master

The Teen Patti Master app contains 17 different games to play, like rummy, casino, and card games. Teen Patti Master came in one of the most popular rummy games played in India. It gives different options for earning, like a welcome bonus, earning through winning games, refers and earns programme.

Welcome bonus

The app gives 51 rupees to each new user who properly signs up for the application. 

Deposit offers

  • Players can become VIPs by just depositing 100 rupees in their wallets and can earn big bonuses.
  • Players can get an extra 300-rupee bonus after depositing money in their app wallet.

2. Rummy Bloc

Rummy Bloc is a new application with a new programme and beneficial features. The app contains 23 distinct types of games. The layer can even withdraw 100 rupees from it and it never rejects the payment. The referral programme at Rummy Bloc gives you the chance to earn 100 RS from each referral with a 30% commission.

Welcome bonus

Each new user will get a 41 rupee welcome bonus from the app.

Deposit offers

Invest your money into becoming a VIP member. Every month on 1, 11, and 21, participant deposits of 1000 INR or more are fully eligible for winning more than Rs 20,000.

3. Teen Patti Vungo

If you are looking for a rummy application with easy and fast payments, Teen Patti Vungo is the best option for you. The application gives you 18 different games to play. People can also earn an extra 20 RS with each referral, with a 30% commission.

Welcome bonus

Players will get more than 50 RS as their signup bonus.

Deposit offers

The player will get some extra bonus with each deposit, if they deposit 30 rupees, it becomes 39, or if someone deposits 10,000 so it becomes 11650.

4. Teen Patti Circle

Teen Patti Circle is another popular platform for rummy players. The app was recently launched and became popular in less time because of its amazing earning features. The player can earn here by winning in 18 different games and by referring, where they get 20 RS and 30% commission on each referral. The app gives a third option of earning through an affiliate programme.

Welcome bonus

A bonus of 30 rupees gets instantly transferred to your wallet after signing up.

Deposit offers

Teen Patti Circle offers different VIP plans, which include a 7-day plan where you have to invest 500 rupees and you will get 100 in return and 7 rupees daily for the next 80 days.

5. Holy Rummy

Holy Rummy can give you a chance of earning 10,000–20,000 RS without going anywhere. The app gives 21 different options for gaming, and all games are popular ones. You can also earn by referring the app to your friends, and then you will start receiving a 30% commission. The app is fully secure and makes fast withdrawals.

Welcome bonus

51 RS is a signup bonus for each new player.

Deposit offers

Players will get a 5% bonus on their first bank deposit, a 5.5% bonus on the second time, and a bonus of more than 6.55 % after using the bankcard.

6. Teen Patti Lucky

Teen Patti Lucky is a game that is not known by many rummy players but has different beneficial features. The application contains 23 games and gives you a chance to withdraw money just after making 100 rupees in your wallet. Players also get 100 RS for each referral with a 30% commission, which rarely helps a lot to make their earnings bigger.

Welcome Bonus

The app gives 51 rupees as a welcome bonus, which players can use to play any game.

Deposit offers

  • Payers can join VIP or loyalty programmes by depositing some money, and the programme will help them increase their earnings or bonuses.
  • Players will get some bonuses after depositing money, like a 10 RS bonus after a 200 RS deposit.

7. Rummy Modern

If you are looking for the best and most popular application, then Rummy Modern is what you need. The whole application is very verified and gives 20 types of games to play. Players who refer the application contacts will get a 15% to 30% commission. Customer support for players is always available.

Welcome bonus

The signup bonus in the application is 41 rupees.

Deposit offers

Rummy Modern offers VIP rewards, which include daily, weekly, or monthly bonuses, and the VIP plan only starts at 500 rupees.

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Final Thought

All these rummy apps with good welcome bonuses are genuine and have already been used by millions of players. Many more applications are present, which give the same amount of bonus but don’t assure your security. Try all these games and choose the best platform to start your rummy-earning journey.