Rummy Set & Sequence

All Information on Rummy Set and Sequence

Sets and sequences are something essential in rummy-type games. Understanding the work of these sequences and sets is important to becoming a better player than other rummy competitors. If you are a beginner in the rummy field, there is a chance that you do not know much about set or sequence work, but these things … Read more

How to get Teen Patti Chips

How to get teen patti chips

Teen Patti earning application by playing games came in one of the most popular rummy platforms. Playing on Teen Patti applications have many interesting features that make this platform better and more unique than others do. All rummy applications are updating their features and doing something new, like adding chips. In this article, we are … Read more

How to Play Pool Rummy

How to Play Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is a popular variety when it comes to choosing an online rummy game. 13 cards are necessary to play the game. Many people love playing this game but cannot play it daily because of the difficult setup process at home. The solution to this problem was also already found, and now online pool … Read more

How to Play Teen Patti

how to play teen patti

Teen Patti is a well-known platform for people who like to play rummy games and want to earn from them. Teen Patti online is a card game with some basic rules that each player needs to understand before participating in any competition of Teen Patti. Players who know the right strategies, skills and rules of … Read more